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Wasp Nest Removal

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Professional Wasp Nest Treatment Scunthorpe

Wasps are important pollinators, but they can also be incredibly irritating. Also, wasp stings can be painful and sometimes deadly if you’re allergic to wasp venom.

For a swarm, Briarquest Pest Control offers wasp control services for homes and businesses to deter the wasps and provide wasp prevention support.

If you have a wasp nest on your property, then you need professional wasp nest treatment immediately to get rid of the wasps and remove the nest. Wasp nests can be incredibly dangerous to humans, as there are often hundreds of insects inside, and they will swarm out and sting if the hive is touched or moved.

Our team wear protective clothing to ensure their safety and can remove a wasp nest and its inhabitants from properties throughout Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull and the surrounding areas.

Call 01724 376330 to find out more about our wasp pest control service, and book your home visit today.

Andy Hartley
Andy Hartley
great service and great guy. my wife called him the Friday night and was here Saturday morning bang on time. sorted a huge wasp nest and it's completely empty the next day with no sign of wasps. would highly recommend. sorry about you getting stung, they must have know you.
Richard Weatherley
Richard Weatherley
Called on Ian’s service to deal with a very active wasp nest mid-afternoon on a Saturday, came round on the Sunday and dealt with it promptly. Excellent service, very pleasant chap, highly recommended!!
Ant Smith
Ant Smith
Ian was brilliant from 1st contact to the end of the process. After a new roof we ended up with a bird mite infestation from an abandoned nest. On 1st noticing mites we didn't know what they were or what was the cause. I sent Ian pics, which he identified himself but confirmed with an entymologist. He then advised on what we could do ourselves - there was no hard sell of his services and no charge for the diagnosis or advice. In the end, we got him to treat everything and he was extremely helpful, working around our and our pets needs. Would thoroughly recommend.
David Wood
David Wood
Great service, arrived with 90 mins of call. Did a great job and he's a really nice guy also. Highly recommended
Excellent service from Briarquest Pest Control. I contacted them by email about a wasp nest and within minutes had a call from Ian. After sending some pictures of the problem he called back and booked to visit later that day. He was very friendly and professional, explained what he was doing, what to expect going forward, and left paperwork with details of what work had been done, chemicals used, etc. Ian followed up with a text a couple of days later to check the wasps were no longer a problem. Great service. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend Briarquest to others and would use them again.
Ian came at short notice and offered sensible and professional advice as to how to proof our house, and then had the work done within a week. He has always been available for advice since and made a follow up call today. Recommended
Carrie Hillman
Carrie Hillman
Excellent service. Contacted Ian regarding a possible wasp nest in our loft. He come out the following day and has sorted the problem. Couldn't ask for a better service 😃
Sarah Dronfield
Sarah Dronfield
I was impressed by how quickly Ian responded to my enquiry. I left a message via his website on a Sunday and he responded the same day and visited to carryout the work the next day. He let me know when to expect him and he was on time. The service he provided was very efficient. Hopefully I will not have any future issues but his work is guaranteed for 1 month. I will definitely recommend Ian to friends and family. He is local to Scunthorpe and I like to use local trades people.

Common Places Wasps Build Nests

Wasp nest in roof

Some areas where wasps like to build nests include:

  • Trees Or Bushes
  • Wall Cavities
  • Loft Spaces
  • Sheds And Other Outbuildings
  • Under Eaves At The Edge Of Roofs

Essentially, wasps look for sheltered spots in your property and will build a nest in any they can find, which might be inside your home.

While it might seem tempting, removing a wasp nest yourself is not a good idea. Wasps have a painful sting, which they will use when they feel threatened. Anyone in close proximity to the nest is at risk of wasp stings, and the colony can quickly become aggressive if they think their queen wasp and nest are under threat.

Aside from the health risks, DIY wasp nest removal can be counterproductive if the wasps inside return and build new nests in the same area. Removing the queen and her nest can help, but if the nest is placed nearby and its inhabitants aren’t all killed, her worker wasps might return to the area and find a new queen or build a new nest for the old one.

To get rid of a wasp nest safely and permanently, you need professional help. Briarquest Pest Controllers are RSPH Level 2 Certified, meaning they have access to insecticides that aren’t available to the general public.

Signs Of A Wasp Nest

If you think you have a wasp nest on your property, then the main sign is that you can see it. Wasp nests look like they’re made from chewed wood or a papery substance, with a small hole for the wasps to enter and leave by.

If you can’t see a wasp nest but think that there might be one on your property, some other signs include:

  • Buzzing: If you can hear a loud buzzing sound coming from inside your wall cavities or attic, then this could be a sign of a wasp nest.
  • A Scratching Sound: Wasps crawling on a wall or an attic floor can sound like a very light scratching, and this could indicate that there’s a wasp nest nearby.
  • Swarms: While you might see a few wasps in your garden, if you notice large swarms of them then this could mean that their nest is nearby.
  • Wasps Inside Your Home: Lots of wasps in your home, particularly if they all seem to be taking the same route, can be a sign that there is a wasp nest in the building.

Wasps are often most active between early Spring and late Summer, which is when you’re most likely to see wasp activity.

Many of these signs could indicate other flying insects, such as bees or hornets. Briarquest also offers bee removal services, so whatever the issue, you can get the support you need.

Wasp nest in attic

Book Your Wasp Nest Treatment In Scunthorpe Today

If you think you see signs of a wasp nest, it’s important that you act quickly. Wasp nests often start at about the size of a golf ball, but they can quickly grow to be as large as a football or even bigger. The weight of the wasp nest can be so significant that it causes structural damage to your property, especially if it’s in a wall cavity or your loft.

If wasps do attack, you could be stung multiple times, which will be incredibly painful. Also, if you’re not aware that you are allergic to wasps stings, then you might fall into anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal in some cases.

For commercial or residential clients across Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire, we can provide professional wasp nest removal.

With our experience and cutting-edge equipment, Briarquest can get rid of wasp nests promptly and ensure that they won’t come back. Contact us to end your wasp problem for good.

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