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Wasp Removal

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The Importance Of Prompt Wasp Removal

Wasps are nature’s pest control, and they eat aphids and other small insect pests. However, while wasps are an important part of our ecosystem, they need to be kept away from areas inhabited by people, as they can become aggressive when they encounter humans.

While spotting one wasp might not seem like a big deal, it can soon turn into a wasp infestation, leading to a great risk of a wasp sting for you, your family or customers. Wasp stings are not only painful, but for those who might have an allergic reaction to wasp venom they can potentially be lethal, causing anaphylactic shock.

Another significant threat from wasps is of swarms, which occur when hives are built in the area. You’ll notice this as the weather warms in late summer, when you may start to see the large queen wasps searching for somewhere to nest. Once she has found a suitable spot, whether in a tree hollow, a disused burrow, a shed, garage, soffit or roof space, she will start to build a nest and begin to lay eggs. If they get access to your property, wasps can also build their nests in wall cavities and even chimneys, which can cause structural damage to your property.

As the queen wasp produces more and more worker wasps, the hive will become large, and you might quickly find yourself with a serious wasp problem. A starter wasp nest can be the size of a golf ball, but a more established hive for a large wasp colony can be the size of a giant exercise ball. At different parts of the season, wasps are attracted to different smells and foods. Early in the season, they are attracted to meat-like substances, while late in the season, they are attracted to sweet substances. As such, wasps are often attracted to barbecues and outdoor dining areas.

If you see a wasp nest, it’s crucial that you remove it as quickly as possible. That’s because a queen wasp will produce approximately 20 other queens in one season. These queens don’t really like to travel far from home, and will continue to multiply in your area. So if you leave a wasp nest this year you could have 20 wasp nests next year, which would cause serious swarms and major wasp problems.

For wasp and wasp nest removal services in and around Scunthorpe, Grimsby and the North Lincolnshire area, contact us today.

Andy Hartley
Andy Hartley
great service and great guy. my wife called him the Friday night and was here Saturday morning bang on time. sorted a huge wasp nest and it's completely empty the next day with no sign of wasps. would highly recommend. sorry about you getting stung, they must have know you.
Richard Weatherley
Richard Weatherley
Called on Ian’s service to deal with a very active wasp nest mid-afternoon on a Saturday, came round on the Sunday and dealt with it promptly. Excellent service, very pleasant chap, highly recommended!!
Ant Smith
Ant Smith
Ian was brilliant from 1st contact to the end of the process. After a new roof we ended up with a bird mite infestation from an abandoned nest. On 1st noticing mites we didn't know what they were or what was the cause. I sent Ian pics, which he identified himself but confirmed with an entymologist. He then advised on what we could do ourselves - there was no hard sell of his services and no charge for the diagnosis or advice. In the end, we got him to treat everything and he was extremely helpful, working around our and our pets needs. Would thoroughly recommend.
David Wood
David Wood
Great service, arrived with 90 mins of call. Did a great job and he's a really nice guy also. Highly recommended
Excellent service from Briarquest Pest Control. I contacted them by email about a wasp nest and within minutes had a call from Ian. After sending some pictures of the problem he called back and booked to visit later that day. He was very friendly and professional, explained what he was doing, what to expect going forward, and left paperwork with details of what work had been done, chemicals used, etc. Ian followed up with a text a couple of days later to check the wasps were no longer a problem. Great service. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend Briarquest to others and would use them again.
Ian came at short notice and offered sensible and professional advice as to how to proof our house, and then had the work done within a week. He has always been available for advice since and made a follow up call today. Recommended
Carrie Hillman
Carrie Hillman
Excellent service. Contacted Ian regarding a possible wasp nest in our loft. He come out the following day and has sorted the problem. Couldn't ask for a better service 😃
Sarah Dronfield
Sarah Dronfield
I was impressed by how quickly Ian responded to my enquiry. I left a message via his website on a Sunday and he responded the same day and visited to carryout the work the next day. He let me know when to expect him and he was on time. The service he provided was very efficient. Hopefully I will not have any future issues but his work is guaranteed for 1 month. I will definitely recommend Ian to friends and family. He is local to Scunthorpe and I like to use local trades people.

Identifying Wasps

Wasp nest

There are several types of wasp found in the UK, but the one most of us recognise is the common wasp, or Vespula Vulgaris. Wasps, both common and most other types, are distinctive insects with a yellow and black body, so they’re relatively easy to spot.

However, bees are often confused for wasps, as they have similar basic characteristics. Honey bees and solitary tree bees, masonry bees and bumble bees will often buzz around your brickwork or nest in nearby trees. Unlike bees, wasps have a distinctive striped body and bold yellow colouring.

Wasp nests might, to the untrained eye, appear similar to bee hives, but a wasp nest has a distinctive paper-like appearance, which sets it apart. As such, if you notice signs of what you think is wasp activity, you should check for a nearby nest.

Another common species that many people think are wasps are hornets. Hornets are much larger than wasps, and their colouring is more orange than bright yellow like wasps.

Briarquest can help with hornet control as well as wasp removal, and we also offer specialist bee treatment services to relocate bees to a safe space.

So, whatever winged insect pest you face, you need to call in professional pest controllers. Contact us today, and our team can discuss your wasp nest problem in more detail.

How We Remove Wasps And Wasp Nests

DIY wasp control products might seem like a simple way to get rid of wasps, but they aren’t strong enough to deal with even a small wasp nest, and many contain pyrethroids, which render wasps incredibly anxious before their deaths. These products can make your wasp problem worse and cause multiple stings to people in the area, so they’re worth avoiding.

Trapping wasps is another common approach, and while it is effective at reducing numbers, at the rate a queen lays eggs, trapping wasps won’t effectively deal with your wasp problem. As such, it’s not the best way to carry out wasp control.

Instead, you need effective wasp treatment from the professionals at Briarquest Pest Control. We use professional-grade insecticides and protective equipment when treating your wasp nest. If it is safe to do so, we will remove the actual nest immediately.

However, in most cases, we will need to leave it in situ so that foraging wasps returning to the nest will also be exposed to the insecticide. We can return at a later date and remove the actual nest for a small charge as long as it is accessible.

Our approach means that we can remove the wasp colonies on your property and keep them from returning. Call 01724 376330 to find out more about our wasp removal services.

Wasps in home

Book Your Wasp Nest Removal Today

To get rid of wasps safely and effectively, you need Briarquest’s wasp control experts. We have the expertise to remove wasps and wasp nests quickly and ensure they don’t return.

For homes and businesses across Scunthrope, Grimsby, Hull and the surrounding area, we can help with the safe and effective removal of wasps and wasp nests. Our team have extensive training and can assist with the structural removal of wasp nests from chimneys, cavity walls and other areas.

Whether you need domestic or commercial pest control, we can assist in ensuring that your space is free from wasps and the risk of wasp stings.

To ensure effective control of wasps and treat the issue quickly, get in touch with Briarquest Pest Control today.

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