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Rat Control in Scunthorpe & North Lincolnshire  

Seeing a rat in your home or commercial premises can be deeply distressing, and for good reason. Rats spread diseases to humans and pets, including Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis and more.

Not only that, but these nocturnal rodents are most active at night and make a lot of noise while you’re trying to sleep. You’ll often hear them gnawing through wood and other materials, which can cause serious damage to your home in a short period of time.

Thankfully, Briarquest Pest Control has extensive experience dealing with rat problems across Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Hull and North East Lincolnshire. Our team are RSPH level 2 certified and has access to professional-grade products, which you can’t buy in shops.

So, we’re able to get rid of rats quickly and humanely without causing unnecessary suffering. Contact us to find out more about our rat control service.

Brown rat drinking water from a river
Andy Hartley
Andy Hartley
great service and great guy. my wife called him the Friday night and was here Saturday morning bang on time. sorted a huge wasp nest and it's completely empty the next day with no sign of wasps. would highly recommend. sorry about you getting stung, they must have know you.
Richard Weatherley
Richard Weatherley
Called on Ian’s service to deal with a very active wasp nest mid-afternoon on a Saturday, came round on the Sunday and dealt with it promptly. Excellent service, very pleasant chap, highly recommended!!
Ant Smith
Ant Smith
Ian was brilliant from 1st contact to the end of the process. After a new roof we ended up with a bird mite infestation from an abandoned nest. On 1st noticing mites we didn't know what they were or what was the cause. I sent Ian pics, which he identified himself but confirmed with an entymologist. He then advised on what we could do ourselves - there was no hard sell of his services and no charge for the diagnosis or advice. In the end, we got him to treat everything and he was extremely helpful, working around our and our pets needs. Would thoroughly recommend.
David Wood
David Wood
Great service, arrived with 90 mins of call. Did a great job and he's a really nice guy also. Highly recommended
Excellent service from Briarquest Pest Control. I contacted them by email about a wasp nest and within minutes had a call from Ian. After sending some pictures of the problem he called back and booked to visit later that day. He was very friendly and professional, explained what he was doing, what to expect going forward, and left paperwork with details of what work had been done, chemicals used, etc. Ian followed up with a text a couple of days later to check the wasps were no longer a problem. Great service. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend Briarquest to others and would use them again.
Ian came at short notice and offered sensible and professional advice as to how to proof our house, and then had the work done within a week. He has always been available for advice since and made a follow up call today. Recommended
Carrie Hillman
Carrie Hillman
Excellent service. Contacted Ian regarding a possible wasp nest in our loft. He come out the following day and has sorted the problem. Couldn't ask for a better service 😃
Sarah Dronfield
Sarah Dronfield
I was impressed by how quickly Ian responded to my enquiry. I left a message via his website on a Sunday and he responded the same day and visited to carryout the work the next day. He let me know when to expect him and he was on time. The service he provided was very efficient. Hopefully I will not have any future issues but his work is guaranteed for 1 month. I will definitely recommend Ian to friends and family. He is local to Scunthorpe and I like to use local trades people.

Why It’s Important To Get Rid Of Rats Fast

Rat peering out of a hole

If you find evidence of one rat, you might not think you have a rat problem or that it needs dealing with straight away. However, a rat infestation can cause serious problems within your home. Rats often carry Weil’s disease and other pathogens that can be a major threat to human health.

Additionally, rats chew almost constantly and can eat through wiring, pipework, plasterboard, doors and floorboards. They will search out human foods as well as shelter to build nests in, which often means they move quickly from a garden or outbuilding into your home.

Once they come indoors, rats will quickly make themselves at home. Rats will leave their waste, including droppings and urine, throughout your property and often leave greasy smudge marks on your walls.

To permanently remove rats, you need to hire expert pest controllers like Briarquest. Our team has the skills, experience and tools to identify rats and strategically place traps to ensure we catch them before they cause too much damage.

Commercial Rat Control

For businesses, rats can be incredibly distressing and difficult to deal with. Their presence can damage your stock, equipment and, most importantly, your reputation.

If a rat infestation is noticed and reported to the authorities, then you risk being shut down and even losing your right to operate until the pests have been removed.

That means you need to hire experts to control rats as soon as you see signs of an infestation. Briarquest provides a prompt service to commercial clients and will aim to conduct an initial assessment of the site as soon as possible. We aim to limit the use of chemical products to ensure a non-toxic environment for your business.

Because rats and other common vermin, such as mice, cockroaches, bed bugs and nuisance birds, can cause major problems for your business, preventing them is as important as getting rid of them.

That’s why we offer commercial contracts to businesses across Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull, Doncaster and North Lincolnshire. Our team will visit your site throughout the year to check for signs of pests and provide preventative treatments to spread the cost of your commercial pest control.

Rats eating out of a bin on the street

Our Rat Removal Process

Rat sat on a wooden floor

Removing rats effectively requires a site visit to assess the infestation and consider the best method of rat control.

Once we know what we’re dealing with and the size of the rat problem, our experts will consider how best to trap and remove rats as part of a treatment plan, depending on where the rats are and whether they are living in hard-to-access areas, such as cavity walls.

When choosing the right approach for your rat control, our technician will consider you, your pets, your livestock and surrounding wildlife. As a result, we’re able to offer non-toxic, humane pest control that will eliminate the rats for good.

Looking for rat control services in Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Hull, Grimsby and the M180 corridor? Briarquest has the solution for you. Call 01724 376330 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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