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Squirrels & Moles

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Squirrel Control in Scunthorpe, Doncaster & North Lincolnshire 

Briarquest Pest Control provides professional, efficient and humane squirrel control in Scunthorpe, Hull, Doncaster and the M18 / M180 Corridor going into South Yorkshire. The grey squirrel is classed as an invasive species and the law states they cannot be released back into the wild.

Grey squirrels are larger and more powerful than other rodents like rats. They are also superior climbers and athletes and will often make their way into your loft or chimney in order to nest or at least gather nesting material.

You might ask why anyone would want to get rid of squirrels, as they are so cute and fluffy! As already mentioned, they are an introduced and invasive species. Every squirrel in the UK is descended from one imported pair in the 1800’s. They will, contrary to popular belief, eat anything, including bird eggs and chicks. They also carry squirrel pox, which is lethal to our native red squirrel population.

Getting rid of squirrels from your home or outbuilding 

Once your house / premises becomes infested with squirrels you will soon realise why anyone would want rid of them. Before you see any evidence, you will likely hear them scampering around your loft, but it’s what else they do in your loft that is the problem! Squirrels burrow beneath insulation, chew your roof joists and ceiling battens and also gnaw through wiring and pipe work. Like all rodents a squirrels teeth are constantly growing and it has to gnaw or its teeth will simply end up too big for its mouth.

A Briarquest Pest Control technician will assess your particular squirrel problem and advise on the use of live capture with humane dispatch or lethal trapping methods using powerful spring traps. Although squirrels can be poisoned, specific rodenticide has to be used that is specially formulated for squirrels and should never really be the first port of call for any professional pest controller. 

Mole Control in Scunthorpe & North Lincs 

Briarquest Pest Control provides specialist mole control technicians to quickly assess and deal with mole problems at homes, paddocks and playing fields in the Scunthorpe / Doncaster & Hull areas. Our mole control technicians have over 30 years of experience trapping and treating mole infestations. They hold an RSPH level 2 award that allows them to use Aluminium Phosphide to eliminate moles in their burrows.

Some might say that moles are doing no harm and that we as humans should put up with the unsightly mole hills created in our gardens. But that is not the whole story. Mole hills mean mole runs or tunnels. Some of these tunnels are deep, and some of them are shallow. 

The unwary can actually fall or trip in a shallow mole run and horses / livestock can sustain serious injuries from falling into or tripping on a mole run. Moles can also undermine the foundations of homes and driveways, damage tree and plant roots and also severely damage lawns, paddocks and sports pitches.

If you have a mole problem the Briarquest Pest Control Technician attending will assess the infestation and advise on the use of traps or fumigation techniques should the area pass strict risk assessment guidelines.

Get rid of moles now. There is no time to waste, they will just keep digging and digging until your open spaces look like a war zone. 

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