Ant Removal For Homes & Gardens

So you have an ant problem and you want to get rid of the ants fast? You may have tried over the counter dusts etc and found that none of them are working. This is mainly because dusts kill on contact and the ants are still merrily reproducing away in their underground nest somewhere. Your powder begins to lose toxicity quickly and the ants basically reproduce theier way past the effectiveness of the poweder.  Lets not even get started on the advice people get given re petrol and bleach etc!!!!! 

Ant Nest Problems 

I am firmly of the mindset that ants have to live somewhere, just not in my kitchen, living room or conservatory. Similalry if I had a hospitaility business I would not want ants in my pub kitchen or bar area for example.  There are quite a few species of ants but to simplify things here in the UK we have problems with red ants, black ants and the real problem causer Pharaoh Ants.  I say Pharaoh ants are a real problem cause because if they feel like their nest is under attack they will quickly throw out several new queens to preserve the colony. So if you start ham fistedly start messing with one pharaoh ants nest you will very quickly end up with twenty pharaoh ants nests.  

So How Do You Get Rid Of Ants? 

As a professional pest control company Briarquest Pest Control uses chemical baits which are highly attractive to ants and extremely pallatable. These baits are generally in the form of gels that the ants feed on and then take back to the nest to feed the queen. It is this process of feeding the queen with not disruption to the nest that kills the ant colony from within.   However, once we start with flying ant season there is little point in using slow acting gel baits to control ants in your house or business and in this case we are better off using a residual insecticide spray. But each case is taken on it’s own merrits. You pest control technician will listen to your requirements and tailor the treatment plan accordingly.  I am not a fan of treating ants on lawns and as such I do not offer this service! 

How Long Will It Take To Get Rid of The Ants? 

Gel baits work over the course of a few days. Sprays are faster but sprays do not work on the colony from within and are only really useful for dealing with ants on the surface or flying ants. I guarantee my work and you will be rid of your ants nest fast!!! 

You can see in this video how quickly the ants begin to take the gel. This was in the kitchen of an elderly lady with dementia and the ants were causing her and her family some concern.  Initially the ants are running around foraging for food but as soon as they detect the gel they get their heads in the trough so to speak and begin to suck it up. I offer a one month guarantee on ant nest treatments and it is very, very rare that I am called back.   If you would like advice on ant nest treatments in Scunthorpe, Doncaster or the surrounding North Lincolnshire areas then please call Briarquest Pest Control on 01302 272181