Yorkshire Honey Bee Removals

Briarquest Pest Control has specialist technicians who are also avid beekeepers amongst its staff.  From April to July each year honey bees begin to divide their nests or hives by the process of swarming.  A swarm takes place when an older queen or virgin queen sends scout bees out to look for a new nest site. The scout bees will find a void, that they feel is the right size. It is usually raised off the floor and enclosed, this could be in the hollow of a tree but is more often than not in a chimney, under a roof tile or through a hole in a cavity wall. If you have a swarm of bees in an accessable location in that they are not high off the ground or they are not beneath the structure of your property a British Beekeepers Association Swarm Collector will attend and remove them for you for free.  

Poisoning Honey Bees 

Contrary to popular belief honey bees are not protected and as such honey bees can be poisoned! However, a reputable pest control company such as ours will not poison bees. We refuse to do this from an ethical standpoint. 

Prosecuted For Poisoning Honey Bees 

As mentioned previously, poisoning bees is not illegal. But many an unscrupulous pest controller has been prosecuted for secondary poisoning of further bee colonies.  When a bee colony is poisoned, the person doing so must ensure that there is no shadow of doubt that the poisoned site is 1000000% sealed against other foraging bees.  Bees will steal honey from unprotected hives and a site that has been poisoned presents and all you can eat buffet for foraging bees. But not only do they take honey back to their hives, they will take poisoned honey back to their hives. This will in turn kill countless bee colonies within a 3 mile radius which is the rough foraging distance of a honey bee. This is why reputable pest controllers refuse to poison bees! 

Bee Swarm Removal in Doncaster & Surrounding Areas 

Briarquest Pest Control has performed bee removals from homes and businesses in Doncaster, Rotherham, Castleford, Pontefract and Selby. The longer the nest is in situ the more complex the removal.  

Yorkshire Honey Bee Removals 

Some honeybee removals can be done by Briarquest Pest Control on their own. But we also have a team of specialist scaffolding companies, builders and roofers on hand for more complex bee removals. We can and do work with insurance companies and on listed buildings.  You can see in the short video below where a bee colony has been living above and upstairs bay window for 3 years in an elderly ladies house. This removal required scaffolding and re roofing in order to relocate the bees safely to a hive at the edge of some woodland on a farm.  If you would like advice on bee swarms and bee removal in Doncaster or the surrounding areas then please call Briarquest Pest Control on 01302 272181