Get Rid Of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Pigeons are and ingenious bird, they breed quickly and take advantage of everything they can perch on or nest under. We as humans provide just the right kind of protective habitat for them with out houses and structures.  Since the advent of solar panels, mainly feral pigeons have been counting their blessings. Pigeons simply cannot believe how lucky they are to have such a fantastic nesting spot that has been prvided by those lovely humans.  

The Simple Answer. Give Your Pigeons To Your Neighbours! 

Now this is not advice on how to create the best neighbourly relations. But the only way you are going to stop pigeons roosting and nesting under and on your solar panels is to make your roof a really unattractive place for them to gather. The way to do this is by using pigeon proffing methods, spikes and stainless steel guards to stop the pigeons getting to the underside of your solar panels. Once solar panels are pigeon proffed it takes aroun 48 hours for pigeons to get the message and they simply move on to someones roof that does not have pigeon proofed solar panels. This is good news for you, bad news for your neighbours and good news for me as I will pop a business card through their door.  

Is Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Expensive? 

Not in comparison to the cost of your solar panels no. You want and need to ensure that your bird proofing is being carried out by a professional, qualified and insured pest control company that will use methods that Do not invalidate the warranty of your solar panels.   There are allsorts of companies out there going around knocking on doors offering to skip up on your roof, mend a few ridge tiles and proof your solar panels at the same time. No doubt they will do a cheap job for cash. Use no safety equipment and becuase you can’t see up on your roof you have no idea of the quality of their work.  

Free Site Survey 

At Briarquest Pest Control, regardless of what work we are carrying out, we treat all our customers as individuals with individual needs. We do not advertise “Prices From” in order to hook you in. All properties have different access requirments and we ensure that we comply with health and safety laws. We will use scaffolding and cherry pickers where needed. We rarely work from ladders, this is to ensure our safety, minimise damage to you property and by having a safe working platform it ensures we do the best job we possibly can when pigeon proofing your solar panels. 

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