Do You Have A Home Mouse Problem?

It’s that time of year again. We are getting some frosts and the mice are coming in to get warm. You can’t blame them really, but they bring certain problems with them. Namely their gnawing and their droppings.   Mice chewing and gnawing on things is usually seen with them chewing through cereal packets etc in your food cupboards. But at it’s worst the gnawing can be through electrical cables and plastic water pipes. Needless to say, mice chewing through water and electrical cables carries a risk of flooding or fire.  Mice don’t gnaw on purpose, like all rodents their teeth are constantly growing and they have to gnaw to keep them nice and short.  

So How Do You Get Rid Of Mice? 

First of all you need to look at how they are getting in to your house. This might be something simple like your cat brings live mice in as presents. Alternatively it could be that from a mouse perspective your house is insecure. A mouse can flatten it’s skull to squeeze through the smallest of gaps. You need a good look around the exterior of your house checking for small holes, cracked air vents or vines growing up the side of the house that the mice use like a little highway.  The next thing is, who wants the smell of rotting flesh in their house? Who wants plagues of flies and maggots in their house? Well meaning people on social media will tell you to go out and buy XYZ poison and scatter it all over your house or attic. Great, mice die behind your cupboards and in your loft. The warms weather comes and the flies have a ready source of preserved meat to lay their eggs on. Pretty soon your house is full of bluebottles which have been feasting on decaying mouse flesh.  Next is trapping, you can use lethal or non lethal traps, the choice is your and I also carry non lethal traps on my van. But non lethal traps have to be checked and emptied daily. You might not want to do this and you may not want to pay for me to come and do this. So the alternative is to use lethal and approved traps. The advantage of this is we can see if the mice are field mice or house mice. Recently a new rodenticide has been licensed for field mice, but this is unique in that other animals can ingest the mouse once it has been poisoned and there is no secondary poisoning. I am licenced to use this new rodeticide.  

How Long Will It Take To Get Rid of The Mice 

This really depends on if we can find how the mice are getting in and if you are prepared to block up or get rid of their access point. If you do this yourself it is free, otherwise you need to factor in what we call proofing. If your house is rodent proof then trapping is relatively simple and the mouse problems should be resolved quickly.  

Can You Come And Sort Out the Mice For Me? 

Of course. I offer a same day or next day service. I work fast and I am professional and friendly. I have worked with both the police and ambulance service and I am used to going into peoples houses and dealing with emergencies. I can appreciate, for some, mice really are an emergency 🙂  I am based on the outskirts of Scunthorpe and regularly work in Doncaster, Hull and throughout North Lincolnshire. Tel Ian on 01724 376330 / 01302 272181.