How To Get Rid Of Fleas

A house riddled with fleas is a sight to behold. A strong infestation will see a pest controller donning a white paper suit and spraying with fast knockdown insecticide before they even start on the rest of the job. Fleas will literally jump from the carpet or floorboards onto your legs and start biting immediately. I can understand if you may not want or be able to pay a pest controller to sort out the problem quickly. Below you will find some practical advice on what you can do to get rid of fleas in your house or premises.  

Blame Your Pets 

It’s not always the fault of your cat or dog bringing fleas into the house. If my wife knows I have been on a flea or bedbug job I am not allowed in the house until I have stripped off my clothes in the garage and they have gone in the washer at a 60 degree wash. Or if we don’t want to shrink our clothes we can bag them up and stick them in the freezer for 12 hours.  But if it is your pets then you can buy good quality flea control products from various companies. I have always used a company called Hyperdrug for treatments for my dogs and cats. I find they sell the best quality over the counter treatments for the public and our pets.  You can also buy proprietary knockdown products from these companies but aerosols do not last long and when I am treating a house for fleas I have a 5 litre sprayer which is the equivalent of 10 tins of flea treatment. Plus I guarantee my flea treatments provided you follow advice. With DIY options you may find you will have to treat your house all over again. It soon ads up to more than the cost of pest control. 

Sick & Tired Of Flea Bites. 

So I have given you a couple of tips so far. Another is thorough vacuuming. Use a strong suction vacuum and as soon as the vacuum is turned of, remove the bag or the collection bin, bag up the contents, seal it and get it straight in the bin. In fact, we insist on thorough vacuuming before we come and treat fleas. You really need to vac up as many adults as possible before the treatment goes down. Plus we ask you to avoid vacuuming after treatment so a good going over is going to have to do you and your rooms for a good couple of weeks. This is so the residual nature of the insecticide is used to it’s full effect. We need to cat fleas at all stages of their life cycle in order to completely wipe them out.  

What If I don’t Want To Use Chemicals? 

Then you need a multi faceted approach and it needs to be consistent. You could consider hiring a steam cleaner such as a Polti Cimex Eradicator. We use one of those for Bedbug Treatments and it really is a fantastic bit of kit.  Your steaming and vacuuming needs to be top notch, imagine and OCD cleaner, do you best impersonation and that is how you will remove fleas with steam and a vacuum.   You can also sprinkle your carpets, flooring and soft furnishings with something called diatomaceous earth. This is a very fine powder like talc. It is completely inert and acts like little razor blades on the bodies of insects that come into contact with it. The fleas do not bleed to death, they dehydrate. It can be very effective but then again you have to be consistent.  

Do You Want Briarquest To Take Control? 

We understand here at Briarquest Pest Control that no everyone wants to deal with a flea infestation themselves. It might be that you are frightened of the fleas or you may have a bad reaction to their bites. Or simply it has all gooten too much and you want someone else to take over. If you would like help from a professional pest controller then call Briarquest Pest Control now. Tel 01302 272181