Get Rid Of Mice Fast

Here at Briarquest Pest Control we know that when you have a mouse infestation you just want rid of them and you want rid of them fast. Not only are they running through your kitchen cupboards, nibbling their way into your food. They nest in your soft furnishings, often in the underside of your sofa, in your bedroom cupboards, beds or piles of clothes.   The smell of their urine and the sight of their droppings is turning your sotmach. You may have actiually seen a mouse scurry about in your house or hear them scratching during the night.  

You Cannot Just Poison Mice! 

As pest controllers based here in North Lincolnshire but working throughout South Yorkshire it is fair to say that on the whole we go to a lot of complaints of mouse infestations.  But contrary to the well meaning and often incorrect advice you see on social media, getting rid of mice is not just a case of scattering rodenticide (poison) around and hey presto the problem is solved.  Firstly you need to know what type of mouse or mice you are dealing with. I know you just want rid of them but more often than not the mouse in your house or property is a field mouse and legally we cannot poison field mice! Field mice go back outside and fall prey to owls and other birds of prey then poison ends up in their food chain. So we have to be careful what products/traps we choose in order to avoid secondary poisoning of other animals. But legally you can only poison genuine house mice (Mus Musculus / Mus Domesticus). 

Dead Mice Spread More Vermin 

Going back to those lovely people on social media who just want to poison everything. A poisoned mouse will find a space in your house, tucked out of the way, under your bed or your sofa, in a wall cavity or your loft and when is dies it will start to emit the odour that only a rotting corpse does.  This then attracts flies who lay their eggs on the dead mouse. These eggs then hatch out to maggots then the maggots themselves turn into more flies and so the cycle continues. We are quite often called to reports of maggots and flies in houses in order to spray odourcide or insecticide, only to find it is as a result of a DIY attempt at pest control. The householder will often exclaim that they have no idea where all the bluebottles are coming from. But we can generally smell the rotting mice / rats or squirrels under the floorboards, in the loft or in furnishings etc. 

Help! How Do I Get Rid of Mice 

If you are going to tackle a mouse infestation yourself then please just use traps. Bait them with peanut butter and check them often. You can use live capture or lethal traps. The choice is yours, but you must use approved traps and with live catch you must check them daily. But once you catch and a mouse in a live trap you are responsible for it’s welfare and you can be prosecuted if you are deemed to be cruel. Trappping will also allow you to see what species you are dealing with. Please do not use poison, you are just creating a bigger problem for yourself and for wildlife in general.  As a professional pest control company we subscribe to the CRRU Code. This is The Campaign For Responsible Rodentice Use.  We always think about the impact on wildlife with every pest control action we take. 

Do You Want Briarquest To Take Control? 

We understand here at Briarquest Pest Control that no everyone wants to deal with a mouse infestation themselves. It might be that you are frightened of the mice, the mouse infestation has got too much or in the case of a business owner you need to show Environmental Health that you are taking proactive steps in mouse control. If you would like help from a professional pest controller then call Briarquest Pest Control now. Tel 01302 272181