Scunthorpe & North Lincs Mole Catcher

At Briarquest Pest Control we have been trapping moles for years. Initially living on a farm, our garden and the surrounding fields were inundated with mole runs and the resulting mole hills. Initially our best mole catcher was our farm cat! 

How To Get Rid Of Moles 

Many people mistakenly believe that moles will not live where there is too much footfall or vibration from human footsteps. I can tell you from experience that this is untrue and that moles will live wherever they want to live and tunnel wherever they want to tunnel. But it is this mistaken belief about vibration which has led the innovation in battery powered vibrating mole deterrents, or the cheaper version of yogurt pots on canes or windmills.  There is only one surefire way to rid yourself, your garden, your paddock or your sport field of moles and that is to trap or gas them! 

How Do You Trap Moles? 

At Briarquest Pest Control we use powerful buried spring traps which quickly, cleanly and humanely catch moles. The design of these traps leads to instant death. We can generally solve a garden mole problem within three visits and guarantee no further mole activity for one month.   We will need to bury the traps in your garden and as such some digging is required but this is generally does not cause as much damage as the moles do. We leave markers to indicate where the traps are buried. If you have pets, rather than using physical markers we use a spray paint marker which naturally disappears from your lawn as the grass is gut and the sun fades the paint.   Mole control is generally quick and not too invasive.  

Do You Do Mole Gassing 

Briarquest Pest Control holds a RSPH Level 2 Award in Using Aluminium Phosphide Safely for the Management of Vertebrate Pests. As such, we are able to remove moles directly from burrows. Aluminium Phosphide comes in small pellets which are dropped into the mole run. The run or hill is covered over or tamped down and the moisture in the soil or air causes the aluminium phosphide pellets to emit a toxic gas. This is lethal to moles, but if strict procedure is not followed, it is also lethal to humans and other mammals, including rats, mice, squirrels, dogs and cats. Therefore, Aluminium Phosphide should only be used by experienced pest control experts like the team at Briarquest.

Why Do You Catch Moles? 

We can understand this question. Moles in the wild on open land cause no problem what so ever. However, it is when moles, humans and livestock including horses try to coexist that we come into problems.   Yes, mole hills look unsightly and this can be exasperating to a proud gardener or lawn care expert. But the aspect that really concerns us is humans and livestock or horses falling through into mole runs. Each year countless humans and horses suffer fractures as a result of falling into mole runs. Garden structures and beehives become undermined and subsequently collapse.   If you would like advice on mole control or mole catching in or around Scunthorpe, Doncaster or Hull, then please call Briarquest Pest Control on 01724 376330 / 01302 272181