Wasp Nest Removal

One thing is certain in that wasp stings are exceptionally painful and for some people they are lethal! As I sit and write this I can recall more than one patient when I worked for the NHS on an ambulance where the patient had been stung and gone into anaphylactic shock. I carry antihistamines on in my first aid kit just in case. But in severe cases a nebuliser and adrenaline are also needed.  It is for these reasons that people are often afraid of wasp and bee stings and why they would call a company such as Briarquest Pest Control to come and sort a nest out rather than tackling it themselves.  I will never tackle a wasp nest without a sting proof jacket, hood and gloves as the bare minimum of personal protective equipment. If it were a very large wasp nest or if I was relocating a bee nest I would wear a full bee suit and I really do not enjoy being stung. All in all the kit I use to remove a wasps nest could be valued at near a £1000.00 But fully understand why you might want to do it yourself.  

So How Do You Get rid of a Wasp Nest? 

I will start off by telling you that if you do what some do and use basic ant powder and over the counter treatments, these are all called insect exciters. Basically before the insect dies it goes into and exciteable frenzy. Not something you really want to be near when a 1000 wasps go into a pre death exciteable frenzy! I personally look at the location of the nest. I might be able to use a very powerful insecticide powder which does not excite. I might use a foam or a liquid insecticide.  I certainly don’t subscribe to any of the DIY remedies involving petrol or boiling water!!! 

Wasp Nest In My Attic 

Wasps will build nest in various places, they like dark voids so their nests can range in location from disused underground burrows to under roof tiles, in your soffits or through into your loft. They also like hollow trees, sheds and compost bins. Initially the queen will make a small paper ball where she lays her first eggs. As these hatch out and she gets more workers the ball gets bigger and bigger until the nest is football or small beach ball sized. Once a colony reaches this size there will be many thousands of wasps in the colony.  Depending how accessible the wasp nest is It will either be removed on the day or I will arrange to come back at a future date to remove the old nest. There is no danger of a nest being recolonised.  

How Long Will It Take To Get Rid of The Wasps 

The colony will be dead withing 24 hours, often sooner. Wasps unlike bees tend not to take over old nests. So there is no problem with a disused nest being left in situe.

You can see in this video that I am treating the wasps with a fast acting powder which is dispensed from a lance that is powered by Co2 cartridges rather like a paintball gun but it dispenses powder.   If you would like advice on wasp nest treatments in Scunthorpe, Doncaster or Hull, then please call Briarquest Pest Control on 01724 376330 / 01302 272181