Bedbug Extermination South Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire

The Nightmare of Bedbugs 

There is no insect infestation that creates more emotion than bedbugs. Long associated with poverty, dirt and deprivation bedbugs are an insect that strikes fear into every home owners and every business owners hearts.  We recognise that a bedbug infestation is not a sign of a dirty home or a dirty business. Bedbugs can travel into your home on your clothing, shoes, luggage, used furniture and secondhand clothing. They can be brought in by visitors or customers and no matter how clean your home or premises is there is one thing that bedbugs value above all things and that is a meal of human blood! 

Are Bedbugs Easy To Get Rid Of? 

The simple answer to this question is no. Bedbugs are incredibly hard to get rid of on your own. I have included a link to a self help sheet. You will see from the sheet that there are things you can do to alleviate the situation and reduce bedbug numbers but in reality you need to hit the infestation and hit it hard! 

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs 

Firstly this is a tream effort. If this is your home then your Briarquest Pest Control Technician will insist that all the bedding and clothing and anything that can be washed or frozen is removed from the room and and laundered / disposed of correctly.  Secondly your technician will hoover all the surfaces in your room, removing your mattress, dismantling your bed, moving wardroabs and draws etc to hoover up as many obvious bedbugs as possible.  Thirdly any obvious bedbug adults, larvae and eggs will be treated with dry steam which kills bedbugs on contact.  Finally, the room or roooms will be sprayed with a powerful and residual insecticide which not only kills adult bedbugs, but also bedbug larvae.  This whole process will possibly need to be repeated three times at two week intervals. Unfortunately, finding the best bed bug killer spray for your infestation is not always easy. This is why we use two to three different treatments. 

Bedbug Treatments For Homes & Businesses in Yorkshire 

At Briarquest Pest Control we work to together with our clients in their homes and businesses to discreetly remove unwanted pests, we are sympathetic to your circumstances and recognize that a bedbug infestation is not something you wish to advertise to your friends, neighbours and customers. 

Bedbug Infestations Don’t Just Go Away 

As bedbugs feed they breed. There is no simple or nice way to put this. They need your blood in order to complete their lifecycle. Bedbugs are resistant to many commercial insecticides and there is literally nothing you can buy over the counter to alleviate the problem.  This is why we take a muti faceted approach here at Briarquest pest control. We use mechanical removal with vacuuming, steam to kill as many adults, eggs and larvae as possible then we use three different insecticides over 3 visits. The premise being that if they are resistant to one then the other will get it.  Anyone who tells you they can sort a bedbug problem in one visit is being economical with the truth.   

If You Require Emergency Help With a Bedbug Infestation. Call Us Now! 

Although Briarquest Pest Control are based in Doncaster, we travel throughout Yorkshire to help clients in homes and businesses with bedbug extermination. We have unmarked vehicles in order to preserve your privacy. Please call or message now. Tel 01302 272181